Mykhaylo Shved


Winner of numerous awards, recipient of a scholarship from the “Gaude polonia” program of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (2005).

MYKHAYLO SHVED (born 1978 in Lviv) graduated with honors in composition from the Mykola Lysenko Academy of Music in Lviv, and completed postgraduate studies at the academy under Myroslav Skoryk (1996-2004). He was a scholarship recipient of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage’s “Gaude polonia” program (2005), which he pursued while studying composition with Zbigniew Bujarski at the Krakow Academy of Music. He was also a scholarship recipient of the International Torch Foundation.

He is the recipient of the Lev Revutsky Prize, the Kyiv Mayor’s Prize for Talented Youth, the “20 Years of Ukrainian Independence” Prize, and the “Golden Fortune” International Academic Prize. He received a doctoral degree in musicology and is a member of the Composers’ Union of Ukraine. The works of Mykhailo Shved have been performed in Poland, Switzerland, Canada, Belarus and Russia with such performers as conductors S. Velanyk and R. Revakovich, singers R. Bergman, S.Toledo, S. Gleba, M. Boberska, pianists J. Örmény, M. Humecka, the Polish Orchestra “Sinfonia Iuventus”, the National Ensemble of Soloists “Kyiv Kamerata”, the chamber orchestras “Leopolis”, “Perpetum Mobile”, the Choirs “Gloria” and “Credo”, the symphony orchestras of the Ukrainian philharmonics at various music festivals – “Days of music of the composers of Krakow”, “Moscow Easter Festival”, “Gogolfest” in Kiev, “Musical Premieres of the Season” in Kiev, “Two Days and Two Nights” in Odesa, “Contrasts” in Lviv, “Forum of Young Music” in Kyiv, “Kyiv Music Fest”, “Music of the Millennium” in Lviv, “Bydgoszcz Musical Impressions”.

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