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“A group of young and unruly but talented critics is just debuting. They are already on the radio and in a couple of magazines. Most importantly – they have founded their own magazine Glissando”. (…) When was the last time such a swap happened in our country? I think it was before the war. Then, on the other hand, it was for a long time that talented young critics, yes, were born, but they did not form their own mental formation, because either they did not have full freedom of expression, or they acted alone. (…) I’m reviewing ‘Glissando’ and I’m glad it’s there.”

Jan Żak
Jesienny pan nad „Glissandem”, Ruch Muzyczny, 3rd of November 2004

“Since the late 1970s, there has not been such a strong manifestation of the generational changing of the guard in Poland. After literature, visual arts, film and theater, it was time for music. Starting from that starting point, a quantitatively broad and qualitatively intense young generation appeared on the Polish music scene. A group of young critics, some of whom are already present in the circulation of musical reflection, recently established the magazine “Glissando”. It is doomed to an environmental niche. I don’t think this is a disadvantage. Will it be an ephemera fallen to the market of sponsors after the third or seventh issue? One may have such concerns. I would not like to see that happen.”

Andrzej Chłopecki
“Glisssssssando”, Gazeta Wyborcza, October 30/November 1, 2004″

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