The 25th anniversary of the Pro Musica Viva Foundation

Pro Musica Viva – to make music live!

This year our Foundation is celebrating its 25th anniversary

The task of the Foundation is to disseminate musical culture. Especially that which makes up the tradition of high culture, set in the past by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, and today Britten or Lutoslawski.

Since its inception in 1998, the Foundation has been building Polish-Ukrainian and Ukrainian-Polish musical bridges. We have organized many musical events to promote Polish music in Ukraine and Ukrainian music in Poland.

Graphic design of the Program Book of the 1st edition of the Festival Days of Ukrainian Music in Warsaw”.
For more information, see the article:
I Days of Ukrainian Music

Pro Musica Viva – to make music live! This is the goal of our Foundation by presenting music that has the hallmarks of harmony, although it is not necessarily widely known.

With our activities we want to draw attention to music – that elusive, yet so concrete and wonderful area of our lives!

To say after Rilke:

Music: breathing of statues. Possibly:
stillness in pictures. Speech where speech
ends. Time upright and poised
upon the coastline of our passions.

Feelings for whom? You are the transformation
of all feeling into – what? . . . audible landscape.
You stranger: music. Heart’s space
that’s outgrown us. Innermost us
which it’s scaled, surmounted, gone beyond
into holiest absence:
where what’s within surrounds us
the way the most skillful horizon does,
or the other side of the air,
no longer lived in.

(translated by William H. Gass)

In recent weeks, a text on the 25th Anniversary of the Pro Musica Viva Foundation was published in the press. We encourage you to read it at this link.
Author: Roman Rewakowicz.
A translation is available at this address.

The texts can be found on our website under the Newsroom tab or directly in the article “25th Anniversary of the Pro Musica Viva Foundation.

Roman Rewakowicz – President of the Pro Musica Viva Foundation
8th Days of Ukrainian Music in Warsaw
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