Yevhen Petrychenko


Composer, member of the National Union of Composers of Ukraine and the National All-Ukrainian Music Union.

YEVEHEN PETRYCHENKO (born 1976) is a composer, member of the National Union of Composers of Ukraine (since 2001) and the National All-Ukrainian Music Union (since 2005), winner of the L. Revutsky Prize (2005), the Prize of the Office of the Council of Ministers of Ukraine (2009), and the S. Prokofiev Prize. He was a scholarship recipient of the “Gaude Polonia” program of the Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage (2006).

Graduated from the S. Prokofiev State Music Academy of Donetsk (2000), where he received a master’s degree (2001) and served as an assistant trainee (2006). He worked at the Donetsk Regional Puppet Theater (2000-2002) and the Secondary Specialized Music School for gifted children (2002-2007). From 2007-2014 he was a lecturer at the Donetsk State Music Academy. In 2005-2014, he implemented projects aimed at the development and popularization of the musical culture of Donbass, the development of the scientific and musical space of Ukraine, the strengthening of scientific and creative relations between different regions of Ukraine – including “Donetsk sources in organ music of Ukraine” (2005), “in D…” (2006), “Donetsk – Lviv. Artistic Dialogues” (2007, recognized by the National Union of Composers of Ukraine as the best creative project of the year), “The Art of Youth – the Future of Donbass” (2009), “The Youth of Donbass – to Sergey Prokofiev” (2011), the festival of musical art “Donbas Modern Music Art” (2013). Petrichenko’s creative output consists of symphonic, chamber, vocal and choral works, theater music and songs. His works have been performed at festivals such as: “Kyiv Music Fest”, “Kyiv Golden Domes”, “Two Days and Two Nights of New Music”, “Contrasts”. Two CDs of his music (“in D…”, “Requiem”) have been released, and his works have also been included on several other CD albums. He has several scientific publications and performances at all-Ukrainian and international scientific conferences.

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