Polish-Ukrainian music premieres


29 December 2013. in Kyiv at the Concert Hall of the National Music Academy of Ukraine, the Pro Musica Viva Foundation in cooperation with the National Union of Composers of Ukraine organised a concert with the participation of the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine conducted by Volodymyr Sirenko and pianist József Örmény, at which works by Anna Havrylets, Jerzy Kornowicz and Igor Szczerbakov were premiered as part of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage's programme "Composer Orders", implemented by the Institute of Music and Dance.
Concert programme:

 Anna Havrylets - 'Signa' for symphony orchestra

"Signs are the most ancient attribute of human life. They have accompanied man since his appearance on Earth. From the sign, language and writing were born. Not only visible signs, but also secret ones surround humans. Man's task is to recognise the meaning of his appearance in the surrounding world - to decipher his immanent code. One version of the musical exploration of the problem of signs (symbols) can be treated to this piece as well."

                                                                                                                          Anna Havrylets

Jerzy Kornowicz - 'Big Transition' for piano and symphony orchestra

"There was a young musician. One day he disappeared. In an act of courage against the great and fear of the lesser.  He created his 'sound situations' and musical riddles. Unguessable.  Hence this piece of mine, unlike my others, puzzling to myself. It is my expression of co-presence, after all, in the same world as that strange boy. But every great passage has something in common, a dimension of fundamental change - whether through the Red Sea, Kyiv's Great Gate or Maydan.  It has a dimension of necessity and a deck of hope that one is passing for the better. Nothing will be as it was afterwards.  

The piece was commissioned by the Pro Musica Viva Foundation thanks to financial support from a unique Polish programme of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage run by the Institute of Music and Dance to commission works and disseminate them online. The piece is dedicated to Roman Rewakowicz and my Ukrainian Friends."

                                                                                                                         Jerzy Kornowicz

Igor Shcherbakov - Third Piano Concerto for piano and symphony orchestra

It is very difficult for me to say anything about this concerto, written for the outstanding musicians József Örmény, Volodymyr Sirenko and Roman Rewakowicz. In addition to the great trepidation about the fate of our Ukraine, about which over the past month - the time of writing this concert - so many times Glory to Her" was said, and the answer was known to all Ukrainians of any nationality - there was also a kind of eternal sadness and warmth of a folk lullaby I have been very fond of over the decades - Kotyku sirenky, kotyku bilenky, kotku volokhaty, ne khody po khati.... ne budy dytyaty ("Grey cat, white cat, hairy cat, don't walk around the hut... don't wake the baby"), which - this sadness - raised the theme of love for one's land to some sacred level. And nothing more..."

                                                                                                                         Igor Shcherbakov


Dmytro Tavanets - piano (in a work by Jerzy Kornowicz) 

József Örmény - piano (in a piece by Igor Shcherbakov)

National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine

Volodmyr Sirenko - conductor

Subsidised by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage under the ‘Collections’ programme – priority ‘Composers’ commissions’, implemented by the Institute of Music and Dance.


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