4th Days of Ukrainian Music in Warsaw


The 4th Days of Ukrainian Music in Warsaw
In Warsaw Ukrainian music once again resounded – from choral classics performed by the Kyiv Choir, through the vocal lyricism of Olga Pasiecznik, the chamber music of the Lviv Piano Trio, the voice of Ukraine’s youngest generation of composers in the form of Ensemble Nostri Temporis, to the final concert featuring the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine under the direction of Volodymyr Sirenko. Once again, the National Philharmonic has hospitably opened its halls for this presentation.

The festival ‘Days of Ukrainian Music in Warsaw’ is being held for the fourth time. The first one took place in 1999, and at that time audiences and critics were surprised to discover interesting music from across the eastern border, emphasising the little knowledge they had about it. The next Festivals, in 2001 and 2004 (in the latter case already in collaboration with the National Philharmonic), brought new discoveries of this musical terra incognita.

The realisation of such a large undertaking is not easy and a lot of effort is needed to make it happen. I must admit that I was encouraged to organise the next edition of this festival by a major Polish-Ukrainian sporting event – the EURO 2012. The question arose as to why there are so few significant joint Polish-Ukrainian cultural events, especially in the field of high culture, which, despite being called niche, determines the spirit of the community and defines its potential.

Details of the rules and restrictions relateI have been building Polish-Ukrainian musical bridges for years, and I see more and more strong “spans”. The contemporary music festivals – “Contrasts” in Lviv, “Season Premieres” and “Kyiv Music Fest” in Kiev, “Warsaw Music Meetings”, “Days of Music by Krakow Composers” or “Warsaw Autumn” – are not without significance.d to the risk of COVID-19 infection can be found at this link.

My great thanks go to Professor Antoni Wit, Director of the National Philharmonic, for once again favouring the idea of presenting this music in Poland’s most important musical institution. I would like to thank Mr Markiyan Malskiy, Ambassador of Ukraine to Poland, for his honorary patronage – an important emphasis on the importance of this Festival. I am also very grateful to the institutions and donors who have supported this event.

Roman Rewakowicz
Artistic Director of the Festival

Honorary patronage: Ambassador of Ukraine – Markiyan Malskyj
Pro Musica Viva Foundation National Philharmonic Orchestra
Roman Rewakowicz – artistic director

The Festival was financially supported by:

Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

Lviv Coffee Factory GALCA Ltd.

** – world premiere
* – first performance in Poland

15.10.2012, at 19.00 – Warsaw Philharmonic Chamber Hall – chamber concert
Lviv Piano Trio
Marta Semchyshyn – violin
Solomiya Kanchalaba – cello
Natalia Rewakowicz – piano

Myroslav SKORYK (b.1938) – Piano Trio Recitatwy and Rondo (1968)
Vasyl BARVINSKY (1888-1963) – Piano Trio in A minor (1910)
Yevhen STANKOVYCH (b. 1942) – Piano Trio Music of the Red Forest (Muzyka rudoho lisu) – dedicated to the Chernobyl Catastrophe (1992)
Zoltan ALMASHI (born 1975) – Seasons – version for piano trio (2012)

17.10.2012, at 19.00 – FN Chamber Hall – concert of contemporary music
Ensemble Nostri Temporis (Kyiv)
Grzegorz Wierus – conductor
Igor Yermak – flute
Maksym Kolomiyets – oboe
Serhiy Loginov – French horn
Sonia Suldina – violin
Zoltan Almashi – cello
Oleksiy Shmurak – piano
Bohdan Sehin – director

Oleksij SHMURAK (b.1986) – Erlkönig* (2012)
Anna KORSUN (b.1986) – Undersurface (2012)
Iryna BLOKHINA (b.1982) – Partita** for chamber ensemble and tape (2012)
Olena SIEROVA (b.1983) – The Face II* (2012)
Maksym KOLOMIYETS (b.1981) – Speckle* (2012)
Mykhajylo SHVED (b.1978) – Inventions** (2012)
Bohdan SEHIN (*1976) – Interaction forms (2011)

18.10.2012, 19.30 – Holy Cross Church – choral concert
Kyiv Chamber Choir
Mykola Hobdych – conductor

Stepan DEGTYAREVSKY (1766-1813) – Spiritual Concerto No. 30 (Psalm 99[98])
The Lord reigns, let the nations tremble (Hospod’ vocarysia, da hniwajutsia ludije)

Ivan DOMARATSKY (1st half of the 18th century) – Parthian Concerto No. 16 Lay on us a strong love of Yours, O Lord (Poloży k nam twerduju lubov Swoju, Hospody)

Old Ukrainian Orthodox church monody (16th century) Dignified Joseph (Blagoobraznyj Josyf ) (from Irmologion of Przemysl, 17th century)

Mykola LYSENKO (1842-1912) – Song of the Cherubim (Cheruvymsky song)

Valentyn SILVESTROV (b.1937):

Three Dedications* (Try pryswiaty) (2010)
1. Psalm (Psalom) – dedication to Giya Kancheli
2. Gloria (Hlorija) – dedication to Alfred Schnittke
3. Pastoral (Pastoral) – dedication to Arvo Pärt

Four dedications* (Czotyry pryswiaty) (2010)
1. Our Father (Ourselves) – dedication to Pyotr Tchaikovsky
2. Alleluia (Aliluja) – dedication to Franz Schubert
3. Gloria (Hlorija) – dedication to Kyrylo Stetsenko
4. Hallelujah (Alilujah) – dedication to Aleksander Knaifel

My thoughts* (Dumy moji) (2008) words by Taras Shevchenko – dedication to Virko Baley

Two spiritual songs* (2010)
1. Song of the Cherubim (Cheruvymsky song)
2. A wish for many years (Mnohaja lita)

20.10.2012, at 6 p.m. – Warsaw Philharmonic Chamber Hall – vocal recital
Olga Pasiecznik – soprano
Natalia Pasiecznik – piano

Programme – Ukrainian vocal lyrical music:
Mykola Lysenko (1842-1912)
– The Cherry Garden (Sadok wysznewyj), words by Taras Shevchenko
– Astry (Ajstra), words by Oleksandr Oles
– Nothing, nothing… (Niczoho, niczoho…), word by Mykola Voronyj
– I don’t care (Meni odnakovo), words by Taras Shevchenko

Viktor Kosenko (1896-1938)
– They stood silently (Wony stojały mowczky), word by Viktor Strazhev, ukr. transl. by Bohdan Mordan
– I am sad (Sumnyj ja), lyrics by Mikhail Lermontov, ukr. trans. by Leonid Pervomaisky

Yakiv Stepovy (1883-1921)
– Don’t play, don’t play (Ne hraj, ne hraj), word by Maxim Rylsky
– Don’t take the willows from the green meadow (Ne berit’ iz zelenoho luhu werby), word by Oleksandr Oles

Myroslav Skoryk (born 1938)
– If I Had the Boots (Jakby meni czerewyky), word by Taras Shevchenko

Kyrylo Stecenko (1882-1922)
– Evening Song (Wechirnia pisnia), word by Volodymyr Samiylenko
– I stood and listened to the spring (Stojała ja i słuchała wesnu), words by Lesia Ukrainka

Valentin Silvestrov (b.1937)
5 songs to words by Ivan Franko* (2007)
– Thy eyes (Twoji oczi )
– Oy, thou girl of the nut grain (Oy, thou divchina of the horicha zernia)
– Unwind with The wind (Rozwijtesia z witrom)
– Snow is falling (Sypłe snih)
– Though you will not bloom as flowers (Chocz ty ne budesz kwitkoju cwisty)

Mykola Lysenko (1842-1912)
– I walk through a meadow, I lead my horse (Łuhom idu, konia wedu), folk words
– Quietly, quietly the Danube carries water (Tycho, tycho Dunaj wodu nese), folk words
– Oh don’t shine the Moon (Oj, ne swity misiaczeńku), folk words
– Oh, I’m walking through a meadow (Oj, łuhom idu ), folk words
– Rain (Doszczyk), folk words

Vasyl Barvinsky (1888-1963)
– Oy, sleep walks by the windows (Oj, chodyt’ son koło wikon), folk lyrics

Nestor Nyzhankivsky (1893-1940)
– Oy, in the field orchard (Oj, w poli sadok), folk word

Denys Bonkovsky (1816-1869)
– What are my black eyebrows for (Naszczo meni czorni browy), words by Taras Shevchenko

Mykola Kolessa (1903-2006), from the cycle “Lemko songs”
– Oy, up go the weevils (Oj, horamy wołońky), folk words
– Does it see me (Czy to my sia wydyt), folk words
– Say it to me (Powidż że mi), folk words

Dezyderi Zador (1912-1985), from the cycle “Transcarpathian Songs”
– Under the oak, under the green (Pid dubynoju, pid zelonoju), folk words
– I cut my finger (Porizała-m perstyk), folk words
– Guessing (Hadanoczka), folk words
– Hey, Ivan! (Hey, Iwane!), folk words

21.10.2012, 18.00 – Warsaw Philharmonic Concert Hall – symphonic concert
National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine
Bartosz Koziak – cello
József Örmény – piano
Wołodymyr Sirenko – conductor

Oleksandr SHYMKO (b.1977) – “Elysium” for orchestra* (2010)
Lubava SYDORENKO (b.1979) – Concerto for cello and orchestra* (2010)
Igor SHCHERBAKOV (b.1955) – Piano Concerto No. 2* (2006)
Zoltan ALMASHI (b.1975) – Symphony No. 2 Island* (Ostriv) (2010)

Gąbińska 9 / 64 street
01-703 Warsaw
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