Witold Lutoslawski – 100th anniversary of birth


Media coverage of the Concerto for the 100th Anniversary of Witold Lutoslawski’s Birthday

The Witold Lutoslawski” concert is part of a major project by conductor Roman Rewakowicz, who is an apologist and tireless popularizer of the outstanding Polish master. This unprecedented project involves the realization of eleven symphonic evenings throughout 2013 in major Ukrainian cities (Lviv, Odessa, Chernihiv, Kiev, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Uzhhorod, Chernivtsi, Khmelnytskyi, Kharkiv and again Lviv) with the participation of Ukrainian philharmonic orchestras and a Polish conductor. The programs, which incorporate Lutoslawski’s most vivid works, change, with each maintaining the principle of presenting different periods of the composer’s work.

One of the most interesting programs was heard in Donetsk, which presented various stylistic cross-sections of the Polish classical composer’s works. In “Little Suite,” the composer presents himself in his folkloric garb as a subtle expert and contemporary interpreter of the peculiarities of folk music-making. In the well-known “Livre pour orchestre,” he employs new compositional means freely handling the powerful massiveness of a large orchestra and reaching borderline peaks of expression. The Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (soloist – Beata Bilinska) and especially “Chantefleurs et chanteflables” for soprano with orchestra (sung by Joanna Freszel) are already completely different expressive priorities – achieving harmonic perfection, purity and clarity of style, striving not so much to amaze, but to be understood. Exactly such, with all the nuances of compositional thinking brought out, was the performance: the Sergei Prokofiev Symphony Orchestra, completely subjected to the artistic will of conductor Roman Revakovich, sensitively accompanied by insightful and clear soloists, sounded like the only compact organism, united by a high artistic idea. And the secret of Roman Revakovich, who amazed the audience with his mastery and artistic precision, is very simple – he idolizes Lutoslawski’s music and knows it perfectly – hence the positive energy that captivates both the musicians and the listeners.”

Tamara Nevinchana
Donetsk cultural leap Music magazine 4/2013

Outstanding was the opening concert, held at the Sergey Prokofiev Hall of the Donetsk Regional Philharmonic. The encounter with the music of the outstanding 20th century Polish composer Witold Lutoslawski, dedicated to his 100th birthday and organized in cooperation between Ukrainian and Polish institutions, set the bar high for festival events. The well-known Polish conductor Roman Revakovich, together with the Donetsk Philharmonic Orchestra, soloists Beata Bilinskaya (piano) and Joanna Freszel (soprano) were able to bring to the audience the complex, unique variability of sound and color planes, the peculiar motivic sophistication and elegance of Witold Lutoslawski’s music.

Halyna Stepanchenko
Five days that shook the Donbas” Gazeta Culture and Life No. 24 of 14th of June 2013

The musical forces of Poland (conductor Roman Revakovich), Moscow (pianist Lukas Geniušas) and Bielgorod (Bielgorod Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra) united to present Lutoslawski’s works in a masterful way. The musicians of our orchestra demonstrated technical virtuosity, the ability to rationally explore the performed scores and their emotional experience. The orchestra’s machine was directed this evening by Roman Rewakowicz – a well-known Polish musician, conductor and composer, music activist. (…) Rewakowicz’s energetic, highly emotional conducting manner was delightful. As well as delighted by the excellent playing of one of our country’s best young pianists Lukas Geniušas. Both musicians showed those extraordinarily beautiful harmonies, peculiar textures, music filled with deep thoughts, contained in Lutoslawski’s works. (…) The musicians finished playing to a growing ovation from the audience. When this year’s artistic season was inaugurated, Rashid Nihamatullin promised that the symphonic premieres of Lutoslawski’s works would be a real discovery for Bielgorod lovers of high music. And so they did – judging by the admiration, by the need to express gratitude with which the audience escorted the artists away.  

Ekaterina Sharonova
Promessa means promise.
Bielgorod News Regional socio-political newspaper. 13th November 2013

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